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  • Dashboard

    Designed as a home page, users can get a quick overview of the most important items as their starting point.

  • Sites

    Build beautiful web sites and portals! Anyone can contribute, collaborate and share. Search engine optimized, designed for mobile, pixel perfect design and developer friendly php!

  • Docs and folders

    Managing information begins with having intuitive tools. Docs & folders is designed to promote collaboration amongst users and team members while still maintaining high levels of security for confidential information.

  • Contacts

    Connections and Companies make up the Contacts module, whetether they are internal or external. Locate employees and skills, and collaborate with external users.

  • File connector - dropzone

    Editing files is a breeze with the File Connector! Open from web, make changes and save right back! Check-out, work off-line, check-in and version! Drop Zone lets you easily drag’n’drop multiple documents and files into your project.

  • Templates

    Implement Best Practice and safeguard any processes in your organization! Manage templates for projects, cases, and content. Merge project data into reports, spreadsheets, presentations and documents.